Helen Fleet

Image by John Shinnick

With over 20 years’ experience in finance, Helen has had to deal with many of the highs and lows that running a business involves. She has seen issues around severe cashflow difficulties, raising finance, pricing challenges and the need for a complete business overview to ensure profitability improves.

As an outsourced Financial Director, Helen now supports clients to get the key foundations in place to ensure that they grow a profitable business. However, in recent months, Helen has also been a pillar of strength and clarity to our community – offering advice and daily summaries to breakdown government briefings. This is a testament to her positive outlook and breadth of knowledge.

Look out for Helen on an upcoming walk or get to know her a little better on LinkedIn.

Image by John Shinnick

Image by John Shinnick

Tell us about your first Freshwalks.

It was the Marsden route. I was pretty nervous for two reasons; firstly that I wouldn’t be up to it fitness-wise, and secondly – having only just launched my business and not been to a networking event for about ten years – that I would find it really awkward. My husband Andy had been on quite a few and promised I would enjoy it.

There was no need to worry though! We took a steady pace and there were loads of lovely people to chat to who made me feel very welcome. I was pooped by the end but it was as good as Andy said it would be.

How many have you attended?

About 15 I think over a couple of years.

Why do you come back?

The people and the fresh air… Freshwalks attracts a lovely group of people who are always ready to listen and provide support. I like that the conversation is not just work-related and, as a result, bonds are formed quickly. The obvious health benefits are clear along with the opportunity to have a day in the fresh air away from screens too.

What's your favourite route?

Whilst it’s a toughie (for me) the Chapel walk is great. It has a lovely stop for lunch and you definitely know you’ve done a walk when it’s over!

The something you always bring?


Favourite Freshwalks memory?

Walking along the beach in Formby with Cath Brown.

How has Freshwalks helped your business?

Loads of advice, collaborations on delivering courses, a couple of very helpful skill swaps and some paid work too.

Recommend three people you have met on Freshwalks.

Mike Pye, Cath Brown and Alastair Jones. All three are great at what they do, have been extremely supportive to me over the last two years and are now my actual friends.

How does Freshwalks challenge typical networking formats?

It’s so much more relaxed – with a walk to focus on, it’s easier for everyone to just be themselves. I enjoy that we spend more time talking about past-times, family and what we are planning for the weekend rather than someone spouting a list of their services at me. I still know what everyone can offer but information is exchanged much more naturally.

Freshwalks is a combination of exercise, networking, sharing knowledge and thinking time. How do you balance those components?

Networking and knowledge sharing happens so naturally as you trundle along with different people. My thinking time is generally when I’m a bit tired walking up a hill and I’m a bit too out of breath to talk. The exercise takes care of itself.

Suggest one new place for us to go.

Grindleford- we used it as a starting point when I lived in Sheffield and I remember it was so pretty.

Sum up Freshwalks in three words.

Supportive, restorative and energising.

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