Pay It Forward – a Freshwalks community initiative

04 September, 2020

An opportunity to sponsor a complimentary place for those who are struggling.

Build Back Better

In August, we successfully ran our first ‘Build Back Better’ event – designed to help support people through the toughest of times.

Against a backdrop of widespread job losses and many businesses struggling to survive, our community stepped up to collaborate on a special complimentary event that everyone was welcome to.

Off the back of this event, we’ve had a number of you want to continue to help those who are struggling through these difficult times. Our new Pay it Forward community initiative will allow Freshwalkers to sponsor a place for anyone who would benefit from the support of our community.

So, dive in and discover how to get involved.


How to Get Involved

It’s pretty simple really: pay a ticket forward or contribute what you like.

All money will be used towards sponsoring places on our upcoming walks and getting those individuals who would benefit from our initiative out in the hills with plenty of support, experienced networkers and the benefits that exercise and the great outdoors bring.


How much should I donate?

Every donation, no matter how small, will help towards funding complimentary places.

£12.50 covers an easy walk
£15 covers a medium walk
£20 covers a hard walk


Who will I be sponsoring?

The places will be open to anyone who feels they might benefit from a healthy dose of the great outdoors and trusted advice from our community. This may include:

• Those who have recently lost their job and are thinking “what next?”

• Those who have recently started a business and may be struggling to find their feed

• The self-employed who may have fallen between the financial support cracks and are now struggling to find work

• Those that are struggling with the everyday pressures of running  a business at this stressful time

• Those who have recently lost a loved one and may be struggling with grief or feeling that work no longer matters

• Or simply those who have struggled with lockdown and feel anxious about the future…


Pay it Forward:

If you’d like to Pay it Forward, please head over to our gofundme page where you can donate as much or as little as you’d like.

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