Getting involved with Freshwalks events

07 August, 2020

People often ask how they can get involved with Freshwalks.

The answer is… very easily!

There are three ways in which an individual or business can take part in our extensive programme of Freshwalks events:

  • Ticket purchase
  • Ticket bundles
  • Membership


Ticket purchase

You can simply purchase a ticket for any event of your choice via Eventbrite. Ticket prices vary from £12.50 to £25 dependent upon the length and difficulty of walk, exclusive of Eventbrite fees. This is the perfect way to try Freshwalks for the first time and for individuals who can’t commit on a regular basis.  

Our Eventbrite page lists all of our live events.

Ticket bundles

Once you’ve experienced a walk you will probably want to join us again. We offer a ticket bundles option whereby we simply invoice you for a set number of walks. You sign up for an event as above except a dedicated discount code reveals free guestlist places on the event page. This eliminates your need to access a company credit card every time and saves on admin and Eventbrite fees. 

Bundle Prices

10 walks – £175

20 walks – £340

30 walks – £495

40 walks – £640

50 walks – £775


For businesses who want to walk the walk on wellbeing, employee engagement and business development, our membership packages are the most cost-effective way of engaging with Freshwalks on a regular basis.

We set up an agreed recurring billing cycle (monthly or quarterly) and provide you with a discount code to access Members Only ticket allocations. As well as benefitting from priority access to walks with limited numbers and discounts on private walks and tours, we’ll promote your organisation on our website and across our social networks.

Regularly commit yourself and colleagues to a healthier, more profitable future with one of the following packages [below].

Membership levels (ticket allocation per event)

Individual £45 per month (1 place)

Micro-business (2-9 people) £75 per month (1 place)

Small business (10-49 people) £150 per month (2 places)

Business (50-249 people) £225 per month (3 places)

Corporate (250+ people) £300 per month (4 places)

Small business, Business & Corporate packages are available with reduced ticket allocations per event. Simply remove £50 per month per place. Example: a business with 100 people could take out a membership package for £175 per month and it includes 2 places on every walk.

Becoming a Member

“It’s been fantastic to see it work on so many levels. Firstly, Freshwalks creates a better quality of conversation when it comes to networking and we’re finding more new customers and suppliers that are culturally aligned with our own values. Our contacts list is consequently improving in quality as well as quantity. 

But it’s using the membership package to reward performance and improve wellbeing of colleagues that has been the immediate, tangible benefit. The team are highly engaged, more loyal and working harder than ever towards our business goals. 

Finally, as managing director of a thriving business, I personally feel energised and better equipped to drive growth through my own participation. By taking time out, I’ve been able to share challenges with other business owners and gain a fresh perspective on decision making.” 

Barry Lowe
Managing Director, San-iT 


Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum 3 months membership qualifies companies for website profile and social media promotion.
  • Membership fees invoiced quarterly in advance. No contractual tie-ins, cancel with one month’s notice.
  • Includes walks in Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, West Yorkshire, Merseyside and Staffordshire.
  • Members’ discounts on Freshwalks Private and Tours
  • Free guest places allocation
  • Includes framed Membership Certificate
  • Annual membership costs equivalent of 11 months (month 12 is free)
  • Freshwalks typically delivers 5 or 6 classic walks per month (minimum 60 per year)
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