Vale of Edale: Win, Lose & Tor

Edale – Jaggers Clough – Ladybower Reservoir – Win Hill – Lose Hill – Back Tor – Hollins Cross – Mam Tor – Edale

We’ll head east out of the village through the farmlands of Ollerbrook and Nether Booth. We’ll zig-zag past Jaggers Clough before dropping down to Ladybower reservoir and skirting its shoreline for a couple of miles.

We then climb upto Win Hill where we’ll take lunch. After lunch, we drop into the valley before beginning another stiff climb of Lose Hill.

The sun will be dropping ahead of us as we move towards Mam Tor, the highest point of the day. As dusk descends, we’ll then drop back down to our starting point in Edale village. Classic, challenging stuff – with options to curtail the route for anyone struggling to take in the full route.

Very Hard 22