City Express: Salford Meadow & Peel Park

Bexley Square – River Irwell – The Meadow – Peel Park – David Lewis Sports Ground – Chapel St

We’ll meet in Bexley Square and our route will cut through quiet backstreets before crossing Adelphi footbridge into The Meadow, a green space which fits snugly into a short loop of the Irwell. We’ll then cross the other side of the river into Peel Park and David Lewis Sports Ground, close to Salford University. Our route then heads back out onto Chapel St (A6) which we’ll follow back towards our starting point.

The walk should take approx one hour at a decent pace and we’ll start at precisely 12pm. At the end of the walk, we invite you to join your newly made contacts for some optional pre-ordered lunch at the excellent Vero Moderno which is where the walk will end.

Very Easy 5