Roz Hughes

Freshwalking with... Roz Hughes

Roz Hughes is the Director of Roz Hughes PR Ltd. As a PR Consultant, Roz specialises in property, retail, travel, regional PR, public sector and all things Mancunian. As a G&T and cake enthusiast, Roz is always prepared for anything the hills throws at her! You can learn more about Roz on her LinkedIn profile.

Freshwalking with... Roz Hughes

Freshwalking with... Roz Hughes

Tell us about your first Freshwalks?

It was October 2015 and the weather was pretty grim. I lost count of the times I slipped in the mud, but after every fall someone offered their hand to help me back up. I learnt two important things on that walk: one was that my walking boots weren’t waterproof and the other was to next time bring a spare pair of socks!

How many have you now attended?

About 10.

Why do you come back?

You always have a great day and meet lovely people no matter what the weather’s like. I got into walking doing the PR for walking holiday companies and quickly learnt that group walking is great for mental and physical health. It’s amazing how easy it is to talk to people about absolutely anything when side by side with them on a hill.

What’s your favourite route?

My favourite walk so far was the Hathersage circular this summer. It’s not too challenging but offers great views and we ended the day in the Hathersage Lido, which was great fun.

The one thing you always bring?

A slice of Victoria sponge and a can of G&T.

Favourite Freshwalks memory?

What sticks in my mind was visiting the site of the American WW2 aircraft crash near Glossop, which killed all 13 members of crew in 1948. It was so eerie seeing it covered with a blanket of fog on a cold and wet November day. It was very sobering to be there, especially so close to the anniversary of the crash and shortly before Remembrance Sunday. Local people had placed a wreath of poppies around one of the parts of the plane.

Has Freshwalks created a business success story or opportunity for you or a colleague?

Indirectly possibly but no one does a hard sell on the walks and to be honest, I try to avoid talking about work.

Recommend three great people you have met on Freshwalks?

The legend that is John Shinnick

Gareth Lancaster – the epitome of a Freshwalker

…and of course the inimitable Michael Di Paola

How does Freshwalks challenge typical networking formats?

You just talk about anything and everything and conversations naturally start and finish as you change the pace of the walk, go over a stile or through a gate. It basically doesn’t feel like networking.

Suggest one new place for us to go.

It’d be great to get up to the Lakes.

Sum up Freshwalks in 3 words.

Such good fun!

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