Bharat Bhandari

Image by John Shinnick

Bharat Bhandari is the Director of B.C.A. Accountants Ltd. As an expert in payroll, bookkeeping and helping businesses and the self-employed with all of their accounting needs, Bharat is the friendly face that his clients rely on.

Quickly becoming a seasoned Freshwalker, Bharat isn’t shy about dipping his toes in the water. No, we don’t just mean the muddy bogs, although he’s seen plenty of those in his time too! Bharat has enthusiastically thrown himself into Freshwalks over the last 12 months – recently bringing spirits up on our tour in Belfast and online socials, learning about his city on our urban tours and pushing himself to complete some of our toughest walks yet.

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Image by John Shinnick

Image by John Shinnick

Tell us about your first Freshwalks.

To be honest, it was so long ago, I can’t actually remember…

How many have you attended?

I think it must be at least 10 city ones and 10 country ones now [June 2020].

Why do you come back?

It gives me a break from the office. Also, there’s some great people with good advice. They’re super friendly.

What’s your favourite route?

Even though it was a tough one, it has to be the last one: Edale to Kinder Scout.

Something you always bring?

An extra pair of socks!

What's your favourite Freshwalks memory?

Again, most recently, the encouragement from the group on that tough Kinder Scout route. They motivate you to keep going and they were really patient with me.

Also, the Hathersage Lido pool has to be a highlight!

How has Freshwalks helped your business?

I’ve received great advice to improve the running of my business, B.C.A Accountants, and get it working more efficiently.

Recommend three people you have met on Freshwalks.

There are far too many to choose just three… Helen and Andy Fleet, John Knott, Ian Hutchings, MDP himself and who can forget John Shinnick… In all honesty, this question is too tough. I can’t just choose three!

How does Freshwalks challenge typical networking formats?

It doesn’t feel like networking. It’s much more natural and [the networking] becomes part of the experience rather than the focus.

Freshwalks is a combination of exercise, networking, sharing knowledge and thinking time. How do you balance those components?

The main thing for me is exercise and the great outdoors. Then comes the thinking time, knowledge sharing and networking.

Suggest one new place for us to go.


Sum up Freshwalks in three words.

Fun, Friendly, Nature.

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