PelliTec® is a blister prevention pad that has been created and developed in the UK with sportspeople and walkers in mind to help you treat unwanted blisters.

It was first designed in 2012 and over a number of years, the prototype has been developed with a podiatrist’s input to form the PelliTec® blister prevention pad now available.

Here, we speak with Michael McColgan, Podiatrist and part of the PelliTec® development team.

Let’s get straight to it. Tell us about the product!

PelliTec® is a blister prevention pad which can also be used to treat unwanted blisters.

The pad was created with sportspeople and walkers in mind. By sticking securely to the inside of your footwear, not your skin, it’s unique six-layer composition with a gel core, works by addressing the three causative factors in blister creation. PelliTec® reduces direct pressure, decreases shear forces by allowing 360-degree lateral movement and wicks away moisture so further reducing friction.

As a way of treating blisters and allowing them to heal – the pad works to cushion and protect the affected area thereby reducing pressure and pain. The ability of PelliTec® to wick away moisture reduces the risk of infection.

Who can use the product?

While PelliTec® was designed originally to enable athletes to continue training, despite suffering from blisters, the product can be used by anyone who is affected by blisters or hot spots on their feet.

We receive a lot of great feedback from runners, walkers and cyclists whether it is an activity they do competitively or just as a hobby.

Anyone can get caught out with a blister so anyone can use them – prevention is far better than cure!

Tell us more about the team.

PelliTec®, based on The Wirral, was inspired from inside The Venture boxing gym in Birkenhead. The team then worked with Fab Lab in Ellesmere Port and The University of Bolton Technical Textiles Group which led to the product being brought to market. Liverpool based global Podiatry company Algeos, are working with PelliTec® as a distribution partner.

Where can people get PelliTec from?

You can purchase PelliTec® via our website

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