Some of the Digitl team

Digitl are website design and eCommerce specialists based in the Northern Quarter in Manchester… and developed the Freshwalks website. Not only do they work for customers directly, they work with other agencies – some they have met on Freshwalks.

We caught up with Founder, Darren Ratcliffe…

Some of the Digitl team

Some of the Digitl team

Let’s get straight to it. What sets you apart from the competition?

We aim that 99% of our customers will return for more work or refer us on to somebody they know – it’s a high benchmark that we set for ourselves and something that we work hard to achieve.

I’ve been running my own agency for over 12 years now, and I’ve worked in the ‘Digital sector’ since 1999… so we have some really good experience in the team and help any business that wants to sell more through their online presence.

Who do you typically work with?

Key to us working with any business, is that first of all we define that we can help that business grow and that their values are aligned with our own. This helps foster an exceptionally good relationship between us.

Typically our clients are owner managed businesses or have small marketing departments and are invested in the growth of their company through digital channels. That may be through a new website; integration with marketplaces like ebay and Amazon; or digital marketing.

Peak business achievement to date?

Initially we were successful by accident, and at no point did I plan on running a successful agency. When two years into the business, we formed a key partnership with ebay, that was a real pinch-me moment. Ten years on we still work with them and some of their biggest sellers… and we use that experience when we are working with smaller businesses.

This was the case of being in the right place at the right time, though if we hadn’t been producing exceptionally good work and levels of service we wouldn’t still be advocated by them a decade on.

Why has Digitl committed to supporting Freshwalks?

Through Freshwalks we have made some outstanding connections – both in terms of new customers and also partners for the business too. The other side to Freshwalks is the chance to get out into the fresh air and have some quality time to reflect and develop new ideas with other business owners and leaders. It’s a great support network.

What advice would you give to any business looking to find an appropriate digital agency partner?

There are a LOT of agencies out there, especially in Manchester. Start out with referrals from people you know – some of our best relationships come from clients who have been recommended to us… part of the “chemistry” is already done for you and we rarely get a big fit.

If you don’t have anyone who can recommend anyone, research the market properly and check out the independent reviews that have been left on sites such as Google Reviews and Trust Pilot. This way, you can see some unedited feedback on what those agencies are really like.

Compass at the ready, what direction is the company heading in next. What does the future look like?

We are spending more time focussing on our core services and making sure we’re the best we can be at them. For some agencies it’s really easy to feel pressured into offering more and more services, but we’d rather do a few things exceptionally well rather than be not so bad at lots of other things.

Find out more

To find out more about Digitl visit their website https://digitl.agency/

There’s plenty of examples of their past work and details on how you can contact them directly.  

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