Freshwalks City. Movers, shakers and city slickers.

Our City walks are bite-sized versions of the original experience, courtesy of our team of qualified tour guides.

Our mission is to get Manchester’s business community walking more and lunchtime is perfect to stretch your legs around town. You are going to meet some amazing people, make valuable business contacts and return to the office buzzing with energy and ideas.

There’ll be a few nuggets of local knowledge sprinkled across the walks but first and foremost, it’s about learning something new whilst getting gentle exercise on carefully selected routes that will stimulate interaction and conversation.

  • Light exercise
  • Network on the move
  • Learn something new
  • Stimulate your brain (and have a more productive afternoon)
  • Lunch or coffee at a local independent
  • Encourage positive behavioural change in yourself

Back to Town

As Manchester emerges from the shadows of lockdown, we’ll look back through history at times when the city had to overcome adversity.

A politically excluded town at the time of English Civil War that didn’t even have its own MP until 1832.

A derelict city of empty mills, factories and chimneys that adapted to a new economy after the fall of a once prosperous cotton empire.

A city that has faced terror but found hope.

A city that will soon fightback from this latest setback to rediscover its own unique brand of joie de vivre.

We’ll look back. We’ll look at what is happening. We’ll look forward.