Elvaston Castle

Elvaston Castle – Derwent Valley Heritage Way – Ambaston – Elvaston Castle

We’re heading back to the gorgeous and historic Elvaston Castle Country Park. We’ll explore its maze of paths and further afield, the Derwent Valley Heritage Way at a leisurely pace so guests can network while exercising.

After a leisurely walk, we’ll either head to the cafe in the courtyard or take a picnic lunch somewhere appropriate in the grounds, abiding by whatever rules are in place at the time.

11:00 - 14:00
Difficulty - Easy
TBC Gov Guidance

Edale & Kinder Scout: Property Freshwalks

Edale – Ringing Roger – Kinder Low – Jacob’s Ladder – Edale

Welcome to Freshwalks, and better late than never, the first of our events created exclusively for the Property sector.

We are taking on a superb circular route out of the village of Edale in the Hope Valley but only 40 minutes from Manchester via train. This walk will blend beautiful valley views with wild, rugged moorland. The first hour of the walk will see us move uphill at a steady pace as we climb onto Kinder Scout but thereafter we walk more or less on the level at 600m+ before our descent back into Edale a few hours later.

10:30 - 16:00
Difficulty - Medium
Rambler Inn

Ilkley Moor

Ilkley – Cow and Calf – Burley Moor – Twelve Apostles – Ilkley

Join us for a Springtime moorland walk from the picturesque town of Ilkley, situated in the Wharfe Valley, at the southern end of the Yorkshire Dales.

We’ll initially head south out of Ilkley towards the moor, climbing up above The Tarn, passing through ferns and woodland to reach the Dales Way. The route heads east towards the Cow and Calf gritstone outcrops before heading off deep into the moors and circling back. A classic, rewarding moorland hike.

10:30 - 15:00
Difficulty - Medium
TBC Gov Guidance

New Brighton

A leisurely stroll that mixes fresh air, street art & great views with the history of the town founded by a merchant called James Atherton


This time we are heading to the coastal town of New Brighton for the first time and delighted to be collaborating with Margo Storey (Heart of Liverpool Tours) for this tour experience. It will only take a couple of hours and please do bring an optional packed lunch to enjoy on the seafront at the end of the walk.

10:45 - 13:15
N/A km
Difficulty - Very Easy
Seafront Picnic

The Pots & Pans from Uppermill

Greenfield – Pots & Pans – Alderman’s Hill – Sykes Pillar – Uppermill – Greenfield

A route with a swift climb leading to cracking views in all directions above Saddleworth

Starting at Greenfield station we rapidly ascend up to Pots n Pans, before heading over towards a view of Dovestones reservoir. From there, we follow the path to the trig point, before a gentle descent and return to Greenfield via the canal.

10:30 - 14:30
Difficulty - Medium
Packed Lunch

Back to Town

As Manchester emerges from the shadows of lockdown, we’ll look back through history at times when the city had to overcome adversity.

A politically excluded town at the time of English Civil War that didn’t even have its own MP until 1832.

A derelict city of empty mills, factories and chimneys that adapted to a new economy after the fall of a once prosperous cotton empire.

A city that has faced terror but found hope.

A city that will soon fightback from this latest setback to rediscover its own unique brand of joie de vivre.

We’ll look back. We’ll look at what is happening. We’ll look forward.


New Mills and Mellor Cross Circular

New Mills – Mellor Cross – New Mills

This popular route is a perfect entry level walk for Freshwalkers of all abilities and especially those with limited time to join us. We intend to meet in the car park of the Pack Horse Inn from 10:30 onwards and start the walk no later than 10:45 . We’ll return to the pub around two hours later where you are welcome to join us for optional refreshments and lunch in the substantial beer garden.

We’ll enjoy a glorious circular walk that heads upto Mellor Cross and provides stunning views across the Manchester city region and of the higher peaks in the other direction.

10:30 - 12:45
Difficulty - Easy
The Pack Horse

Richmond Park Circular

Sheen Gate – Beverley Brook Walk – King Clump – Petersham Park – Sheen Gate

We mark our debut in the capital city with a glorious autumn stroll around Richmond Park, the largest of its Royal Parks.

We’ll take a clockwise loop inside the perimeter of the park, moving at a gentle pace all attendees are comfortable with. We’ll stop halfway round for a picnic break, the length of which will be weather dependent before looping back to the start.

10:00 - 14:00
Difficulty - Moderate
Bring a picnic!