Freshwalks Annual Awards 2019

30 November, 2019

The inaugural Freshwalks Annual Awards will take place (as part of our Christmas Party) at Refuge on Thursday 12 December. Thank you to everyone who has nominated fellow walkers and dogs to create shortlists for some of our categories. Will be a fun night celebrating an amazing year of walking. Tickets are still on sale here. Hope you can join us.

Below are the categories and shortlists where relevant.

Photograph of the Year 2019
Which image has encapsulated the many beautiful faces and places of Freshwalks more than any other this year?

Shortlist (photos below)
Watching Sunrise by John Shinnick
Lunch in a Tunnel by AJ Mussell
Laughing Horse by James Torry

Freshwalks Junior Champion 2019
Which junior Freshwalker has stood out as being most committed to the Freshwalks cause across our series of Family events?

Freshwalks Dog of the Year 2019
Which dog is as much a part of the Freshwalks community as his or her owner?
Shortlist: Dylan Harkness, Iggy Pye, Pip Knott, Fox Gray, Leonard Taylor

Freshwalks City Champion 2019
Which individual Freshwalker topped the table for most number of Freshwalks City appearances throughout the year?

Freshwalks City Team of the Year 2019
Which business or department has continually joined us, come hail, rain or sunshine and supported Freshwalks City throughout the year?

Freshwalks Classic Team of the Year 2019
Which business or department has been there every step of the way, from Kinder Scout to Formby beach and everywhere else in between?

Freshwalks Corporate Champions 2019
Which business has demonstrated the strongest commitment to supporting the local business community, educating colleagues and empowering them to improve their health and wellbeing through both our classic and city walks?

Freshwalkers’ Freshwalker of the Year 2019
Which Freshwalker has added the most value to your walking experience in 2019 – whether it be referring business, offering advice, a helping hand across a bog or even sharing jelly babies?
Shortlist: Mike Pye, John Shinnick, Helen Fleet, John Knott

The Benny Rothman Award 2019
Founder, Michael Di Paola, will choose the individual he feels has best embodied the Freshwalks ethos throughout the year. No man or woman left behind, always giving more than taking and above all exceptional human spirit.
Winner to be announced on the night.

Freshwalks Champion 2019
The best of the best. Period. Though might still be undecided come the 12th. Watch this space.
Winner: TBC

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