Freshwalking with… Jasper Cox

30 December, 2018

Jasper Cox, son of Jon Cox at Nutickets, came along to one of our Freshwalks Family event back in October 2018. Here’s how he found the day.


Name & age?

Jasper Cox aged 7 (but 6 on the walk in October).


Where do you live?

I live in Nantwich, Cheshire.


How did you hear about Freshwalks?

My dad told me about it as he says the Freshwalks walks are great fun.



Why did you want to go on the Freshwalks Family Day?

My dad loves walking and I’ve always wanted to go on one with him. When he told me they were doing one that I could go on I was really excited.


How did you get there?

We took the train from Nantwich to Manchester then to Edale – there was a test evacuation at Manchester which was fun and scary….



Tell us more about the day.

We walked through the village past a church and a pub and then we started going up a steep hill. It was very windy and the map blew out of my dad’s hand…

A bit further up the hill we turned a bend and it was less windy. Dad kept telling me to slow down as I was running up at the front with another boy who was only 5!

We went up and up and you could see a long way.

On the top of the hill we hid from the wind and had our pack lunches which was good as we were very hungry. Dad had a brew too but I don’t like tea.

We walked around the edge of the hill and it got windier and when we got to the top of the next hill it was really really windy. Everyone was running down away from the wind but I wanted to go back up. I then lost a shoe but Dad found it and we quickly got it back on.

Going down was fun and me and the other boy (Matthew?) ran down the last bit in the fields, both falling and rolling.

Dad was happy then as we saw the pub and he could have a pint.



What was your favourite bit?

The wind at the top! And you see a long way!


What was the hardest bit?

The bit before the very top when it was really really windy.


Did you have a pint in the pub afterwards?

Of lemonade and I had some crisps too!


Will you come on another Freshwalks Family Day?

Yes please! Dad said he’s already booked me onto the next walk.


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