Five Ways Freshwalks Can Benefit You and Your Business

15 July, 2015

With lockdown restrictions slowly easing, there’s never been a better time to get involved in Freshwalks. Over the last few months, we’ve all been forced to take a step back, enjoy the simple things and take pleasure in the beauty on our doorstep.

We believe it’s important not to let this slip as we all head back to the office and settle into our working routines. That’s why Freshwalks helps build a happier, healthier business community with good people at its centre.

But is it safe during covid?

The health and safety of our attendees is our top priority and we will continue to review and evolve the measures we currently have in place (more about how we network safely here).

Right now, we believe that Freshwalks is needed more than ever to:

  • Combat isolation
  • Improve mental health
  • Provide a safer environment for networking
  • Connect teams and individuals
  • Increase physical fitness and general immunity

But they’re not the only reasons Freshwalks is good for people and businesses alike. Dive in to uncover 5 ways Freshwalks can Benefit you and your business.

1. Team Building

Show me a team that doesn’t need a big fat shot of together gel from time to time? The desolate environment of the Dark Peak is a perfect setting to create an intimate vibe, naturally bringing people closer. Even a high-performing team might find it useful to dig deeper with colleagues and truly work out what makes each other tick. A disconnected team might be able to find common ground outside of the workspace, the hills are a great leveller after all.

2. Recruitment

You probably understand the importance of recruiting based on cultural fit as well as skills. Typically, an informal meeting, coffee or lunch might suffice in this respect, outside the usual skills-based interview assessment. However, consider a day out walking together (especially for a critical role), where you will undoubtedly discover much more about leadership and people qualities.

3. Creative & Strategic Planning

It’s proven that we get more creative when walking. The exercise fuels our brainpower. Out on the moors, the fresh air and incredible scenery amplifies this further. Potentially, you have a current business (or personal) challenge that requires a fresh approach. Get two, three or more of you out there thinking it through together. There’s enough breather stops to pause, reflect and shape solutions. You might just crack that something holding you back.

4. Reward or Release

It’s a really cost-effective way of either rewarding or releasing a member of your team. Perhaps they’ve worked hard recently and a day out of the office with some food and drink might go down a treat. Or maybe even too hard and need a spot of release to avoid the dreaded stress word creeping in. Looking after colleagues in this way usually reaps rewards. And it needn’t cost a lot!

5. Senior Business Insight

Running a business can be a lonely place. Especially within an SME, if you don’t have a mentor or non-executive director to bounce challenges or opportunities off. What we’ve seen so far on Freshwalks, is that there are a number of business owners and managing directors who are fully prepared to share knowledge and insight. Some challenges (like people and finance) transcend sectors and who knows what fresh perspective you might gain by opening up and sharing. There might be some reciprocal help you can provide too!

Just five simple ways you can use Freshwalks to benefit both you and your business. This could quite easily have been six but I guess the business development angle is the obvious angle for most.

Failing this, the steak and ale pie, cheesecake & locally brewed ale back in the pub ALWAYS hits the mark!

If you’re interested in attending, check out our extensive list of events here or discover more here.

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